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Combination Windows and Doors

Casement and Sliding System

A combination Window is a combination of casement, sliding & fixed windows or two windows of the same or different types. It is available in different sizes and designs. All the windows are steel reinforced for added strength. Aristtotek combination windows integrate seamlessly into different designs. Combination Windows allow light and fresh air along with proper ventilation.

Aristtotek offers 2 series of Combination Windows. Selection depends on the wind pressure, designs, and customer requirement. Irrespective of the series, each series cater to all the technicalities.


Bay Windows are typically three windows joined together at different angles. It can be 90°or 135°. The Bay Window is usually fitted with one side casement or other side fixed sliding. All the windows are steel reinforced for added strength. Multi-chamber design of the profile reduces the transfer of heat thus saving energy. The multi-locking system ensures better security & safety.

Bay Windows are not only noted for their beauty but are also excellent for small spaces as they make them appear larger. It is also ideal for enhancing views.